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Happyface Cute Girls Dig Him He Has His Own Fan ClubBut He Wasn T Always This Awesome He Used To Be Mr Comic Book, A Resident Of Lonelyland So When He Swtiched Schools, He Slapped On A Grin And Went From Big Nerd To Big Shot.Meet Happyface This Is His Journal.This Unique Combination Of Text And Fully Integrated Art Follows The Journey Of A Dorky, Quiet, Artsy Kid As He Reinvents Himself After Moving To A New Town, Where He S Nicknamed Happyface Peek In His Journal And See The World Through His Hilariously Self Deprecating Eyes As He Learns To Shed His Comic Book Loving, Computer Game Playing Ways Join Him As He Makes New Friends, Tries To Hide From His Messy Past, Forgives The People Who Have Hurt Him Most, And Ultimately Learns To Face The World With A Genuine Smile.

About the Author: Stephen Emond

Hello, my name is Stephen Emond, or just Steve if you prefer There isn t much about that me isn t be said in this excerpt from the HAPPYFACE page on About the AuthorSteve Emond does not have any superhuman powers, neat tricks, or famous relatives, but he s a pretty cool guy who can draw He is the creator of Emo Boy, which ran for 12 issues and two collections, and the comic strip, Ste