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Modigliani and the Artists of Montparnasse Famous For His Elongated Forms, Graceful Portraits, And Lush Nudes, Amedeo Modigliani 1884 1920 Is Among The Most Loved Of The Extraordinary Group Of International Artists Who Lived In Montparnasse In The Early 20th Century Accompanying The First Major Modigliani Exhibition In The U.S In Over 40 Years, The Book Moves Beyond The Romantic Myths That Have Sprung Up Around The Artist S Tragically Brief Life To Provide A Fuller, Richer Understanding Of His Art, As Well As The Role Of Montparnasse In The Development Of Modern Art In Addition To 64 Paintings, Sculptures, And Drawings By Modigliani, The Book Features Works By Other Montparnasse Artists Such As Brancusi, De Chirico, Soutine, And Picasso A Special Highlight Is The Inclusion Of Excerpts From A Recently Discovered, Never Before Published Novelette Written By One Of Modigliani S Lovers About Their Experiences Together This Striking Volume Provides A Serious Examination Of Modigliani S Work With Extensive New Documentation.