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Chicago Chase (Educated Injun #2) New Cover EBook Edition 1301889849 9781301889846A Western Detective Lawman Novel A Killer Leads Three Lawmen A Merry Chase Into Dangerous Renegade Kiowa Territory And Buries Them In A Snow Avalanche How Will They Get Out Of This OneIn The Late 1800s American West U.S Marshal Tyrone Narrowhawk And His Big Partner Merle Johnson Bust A Cattle Rustling Ring In Pursuit Of A Killer Named Pearson But Capturing This Slippery Devil Turns Out To Be No Easy Task They Are Joined By Hawk S Old Mentor, A Way Past Retirement Crusty Old But Very Capable Lawman Named Pike, Who Still Has A Trick Or Two Up His Sleeve In Their Pursuit They Encounter Renegade Kiowa On The Warpath And Must Extricate Themselves From Some Tricky Situations Several Years Before There Was A Joint Kiowa Comanche Indian Raid And Massacre Of Soldiers And Civilians Where A Shipment Of Government Gold Bullion Was Stolen Pearson Has A Plan To Use Money From Stolen Cattle To Buy Black Market Army Winchester Rifles And Ammunition To Trade With The Kiowa Chief Who Engineered The Original Raid He Wants That Gold Hawk, Merle, And Pike Throw A Monkey Wrench Into His Plans But He S Clever Once Arrested It S Not Over He Tries To Bury Them In An Avalanche Of Snow, But They Are Clever Too They Don T Give Up So Easily Tyrone Narrowhawk Known Simply As Hawk, Raised By A Powerful Federal Judge Educated At An Eastern Jamestown College, Graduated With Honors, Law Degree From Prestigious Harvard University, A U.S Marshal S Star, His Wits, And A Gun Merle Johnson A Former Calvary Lieutenant Sharp Shooter Turned Cowboy, A Good Make To Have At Your Back Pike Winslow An Old Cowboy Lawman Well Past Retirement Age That Hasn T Slowed Down A Bit In His Day He Taught Hawk A Few Things Many Others Make Up This Adventures Tale Of Daring Do In The Old West.A Fun Tale Of Witty Rivalry With Old Time Lawmen In The Late 1800 American West.Read And Get Discount Coupons Here