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Arcadias Curse (Arcadia Series #2) Think High School Sucks Try Being An Empath Who Has To Experience Everyone Else S Suckage On Top Of Your Own Literally In The Months Since Her Family Life Imploded And Her Psychic Gifts Began To Arise, Cady Has Struggled To Figure Out How She Can Fit Into Her Normal Life Without Going Crazy From The Constant Presence Of Emotional Energy Her Grades Have Tanked Her Best Friend Is Afraid Of Her And She Begins To Have Doubts About Why Her Boyfriend, Bryan, Is Really Keeping Her Around But A Chance Meeting With Another Gifted Girl Online Opens Up A Whole New World Of Possibilities Unfortunately, This New World Comes At An Awful Price The Build Of The Story Is A Slow Burn, Like A Fuse Curling Through An Empty Storehouse ONLY To Find Out That The Fuse Is Attached To Ten Tons Of Fireworks Holy Climax, Batman Shannon Mayer, Author Of Priceless