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Three Pagoda Pass He S Out Gunned, Out Maneuvered, Out Of Time, Out Of Luck, And On His Own, Against Insurmountable Odds The Race Is On To Bring Healthy Food, And Medicine To The People Who Need It The Most, While Stopping A Homicidal Warlord, Corrupt Government Officials, Big Pharm, Human Trafficking, Child Slavery, And Black Market Organ Harvesting At Itsabsolute Worst What Happen When A Homicidal, Sociopath An Unscrupulous CEO Of A Pharmaceutical Company Sees Massive Profits With His New Business Plan, And All He Needs Is A Little Help From An Obscure Refugee Camp With His Clinical Trials, A Trauma Specialist With Doctors Without Borders Races To Save Lives With No Food, Or Medical Supplies In A Border Refugee Camp Forgotten And Ignored By Everyone, A 21st Century Entrepreneur And Corporate Raider Is Enlisted To Rescue A Kidnapped Employee In Myanmar From A Homicidal Warlord, A 17 Year Old Biology Geek Builds An Algae Based Bioreactor Which Can End World Hunger And Cure Diseases, Easily, Cheaply, And Permanently, A Mysterious Buddhist Monk And A 12 Year Old Girl, Discover A Journey They Were Destined To Take Together, Come Together An Action Adventure Story So Intense You Might Want To Take The Day Off After Reading It Get Ready For A Non Stop Thrill Ride Into Hell.The General Is Psychotic And Power Hungry The General Likes To Torture And Kill His Enemies For Fun He Has A Rag Tag Band Of Child Soldiers He S Drafted Into Service By Killing Their Familes And Kidnapping Them He Keeps Them In Line With The Dwarf, A Sadistic, Vertically Challenged Torturer Who Enjoys Every Minute Of His Entertainment They Ve Kidnapped An Employee Of A Pharmaceutical Company And Are Holding Him For Ransom.Max Cobalt Is Out Gunned And Out ManeuveredMax Cobalt Described By Entreprenuer Magazine As The New Breed Of 21st Century Entrepreneurism Is A Dyed In The Wool Son Of A Bitch And Corporate Predator His Enemies Hate Him, And His Friends Fear Him He Has Been Offered A Job He Can T Refuse A Million Dollars To Extract An Employee That Has Been Kidnapped By The General He Doesn T Know What He Is Walking Into, Or That Everyone Expects Him To Die One Problem Max Doesn T Know How To LoseGeri Hendrix Is Out Of Time And Out Of LuckGeri Hendrix, To His Lasting Embarrassment And Disgrace, Was Named After Two Dead Rock Stars After His Parents Got Together On A Dead Head Tour They Produced A Boy Genius, And Backyard Engineer But He Learns Too Late The Hard Lessons In Life After A Pharmaceutical Company Murders His Mother To Get Their Hands On The Raw Materialsneeded For Their Latest Organ Rejection DrugThey Are On Her Own Against Insurmountable OddsMy Lin, Is A Twelve Year Old Girl Living And Working In A Toxic Garbage Dump Outside Yangon, Burma When Her Parents Died She Was Sold To Pay Off Their Debts She Now Lives Day To Day, Eating The Rancid Scraps Left Behind Until She Runs Afoul Of The General And Sold Into Child Sexual Slavery That Was The Best Part Of Her DayMike McAdams, Is A Trauma Specialist With Doctors Without Borders His Refugee Camp Is Out Of Food, Has No Medical Supplies, Ignored By The Government And NGOs, And Is Forgotten By The World In General All Has To Do Is Supply Some Dying Refugees To An Illegal Organ Harvesting Operation And His Food And Medical Supply Issues Are A Thing Of The Past It Means He Can Actually Save Some Lives For A Change If The General Doesn T Kill Him FirstThe Race Is OnWith A Sweeping Cast Of Characters, Spanning 2 Continents, Ordinary People Caught In Unholy, Extraordinary Circumstances, Battle Against Forces Beyond Their Control And Imagining With The Twists And Turns Of A High Speed Roller Coaster, They Are Hurled Towards A Climax That Is Both Breath Taking And Shocking In Its Intensity.If You Have A Weak Stomach, High Blood Pressure Or A Heart Condition, You Might Want To Go Back To Reading Clive Cussler.Don T Say You Weren T Warned