Free ↠ Big Fat Disaster By Beth Fehlbaum –

Big Fat Disaster Insecure, Shy, And Way Overweight, Colby Hates The Limelight As Much As Her Pageant Pretty Mom And Sisters Love It It S Her Life Dad S A Superstar, Running For Office On A Family Values Platform Then Suddenly, He Ditches His Marriage For A Younger Woman And Gets Caught Stealing Money From The Campaign Everyone Hates Colby For Finding Out And Blowing The Whistle On Him From A Mansion, They End Up In A Poor Relative S Trailer, Where Her Mom S Contempt Swells Right Along With Colby S Supersized Jeans Then, A Cruel Video Of Colby Half Dressed, Made By Her Cousin Ryan, Finds Its Way Onto The Internet Colby Plans Her Own Death A Tragic Family Accident Intervenes, And Colby S Role In It Seems To Paint Her As A Hero, But She S Only A Fraud Finally, Threatened With Exposure, Colby Must Face Facts About Her Selfish Mother And Her Own Shame Harrowing And Hopeful, Proof That The Truth That Saves Us Can Come With A Fierce And Terrible Price, Big Fat Disaster Is That Rare Thing, A Story That Is Authentically New.