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Queering the Pitch When The First Edition Of Queering The Pitch Was Published In Early 1994, It Was Immediately Hailed As A Landmark And Defining Work In The New Field Of Gay Musicology The First Collection Of Its Kind, Its Contributors Covered A Wide Range Of Subjects From Analysis Of The Work Of Gay Composers To Queer Readings Of Schubert S Unfinished Symphony Among The Contributors Were Many Then New Scholars, Including The Late Philip Brett One Of The Editors Of The First Edition , Susan McClary, Jennifer Rycenga, Paul Attinello, And Martha Mockus Who Have Since Become Leaders In The Field In Light Of The Explosion Of Gay Musicology Since 1994, A New Edition Of Queering The Pitch Is Timely And Needed In This New Work, The Editors Are Including A Landmark Essay By Philip Brett On Gay Musicology, Its History And Scope, Which Was Written For Grove S Dictionary Of Music But Only Published In A Greatly Reduced Version, Because Of Its Strong Political Approach The Essay Itself Has Become A Cause Celebre, And This Will Be Its First Full Appearance In Print Along With This New Historical Essay, The Editors Are Contributing A New Introduction That Outlines The Changes That Have Occurred Over The Last Decade As Gay Musicology Has Grown