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Stranger of Tempest (The God Fragments, #1) Lynx Is A Mercenary With A Sense Of Honour A Dying Breed In The Shattered Kingdom Failed By The Nation He Served And Weary Of The Skirmishes That Plague The Continent S Principalities, He Walks The Land In Search Of Purpose He Wants For Little So Bodyguard Work Keeps His Belly Full And His Mage Gun Loaded It Might Never Bring A Man Fame Or Wealth, But He S Not Forced To Rely On Others Or Kill Without Cause Little Could Compel Lynx To Join A Mercenary Company, But He Won T Turn His Back On A Kidnapped Girl At Least The Job Seems Simple Enough The Mercenaries Less Stupid And Vicious Than Most He S Met Over The Years So Long As There Are No Surprises Or Hidden Agendas Along The Way, It Should Work Out Fine.