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Lion Heart Scarlet Has Captured The Hearts Of Readers As Well As The Heart Of Robin Hood, And After Ceaseless Obstacles And Countless Threats, Readers Will Finally Find Out The Fate Of The Lady Thief.Only The Greatest Loves Can Survive Great Danger.Imprisoned By Prince John For Months, Scarlet Finds Herself A Long Way From Nottinghamshire After A Daring Escape, She Learns That King Richard S Life Is In Jeopardy, And Eleanor Of Aquitaine Needs Scarlet S Help To Free Him For A Lifelong Thief, This Newfound Allegiance To The Crown Her Family Is A Strange Feeling.Scarlet Knows That Helping Eleanor Will Put Her And Those She Loves Back In Prince John S Sights Desperate Not To Risk Anyone S Life But Her Own, Scarlet Formulates A Plan To Help Save The King On Her Own But Fate And Her Heart Won T Allow Her To Stay Away From Nottinghamshire For Long Even If Scarlet And Rob Can Together Stop Prince John From Going Through With His Dark Plans For England, Will Their Love Be Enough To Save Them Once And For All