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Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Is Not About A Holiday It S About 102 People Who Came To The New World, Suffered Terribly, Struggled Courageously, And Established The Foundation Of America The Prologue Explores The Reasons They Left Europe The Book Then Puts The Reader On The Gun Deck Of The Mayflower Where The Passengers Endured A Horrific 66 Day Voyage Across The Atlantic The Book Puts The Reader In The Pilgrims Cold, Wet Boots As They Tromp Around Cape Cod In Search Of A Place To Live As Winter Sets In Though Thanksgiving Holds Strictly To Fact, The Graphic, Dramatic Presentation Shares The Pilgrim Experience It Treats The Pilgrims Not As Super Heroes Or Cartoon Characters But As Just Plain People Who Were Willing To Face Death For The Values They Believed In You Can Read Excerpts At NLLibrarium Dot Com.