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Motivational Quotes to Help You Be More Positive Are You The Type Of Person Who Thinks Books Are Quite Good Has Never Held A Book Before And Would Like To Try Holding One For A Day Is Completely Normal And Just Wants To Look At Something Is Fed Up Would Rather Be Dead Is Frightened Of What Tomorrow May Bring Is Curious Needs A Bit Of Motivation Wants To Feel Positive About Your Lifethen This Is The Book For Youbecause The Words And Pictures Inside Of This Book Will Instantly Make You Feel Positive About Yourself Even After Just Having A Look At Them For About A Second Or 3 Secondswhat Happens To Your Body When You Have No Motivation When You Have No Motivation It Is Like A Wall Of Sadness Has Been Built Up Inside Of Yourself And It Is This Wall That Stops All Of The Happy Things In The World From Getting Inside Of Your Body So Take My Book And Use It To Break Down The Wall Of Sadness Brick By Brick So That Happiness Can Climb Back Inside Of Your Body And Live There For The Rest Of Your Dayslove From Your Friend Chris Simpsons Artist Xox