Free ↠ Chasing Butterflies By Beckie Stevenson –

Chasing Butterflies I Was Born Crazy, And I Ve Been Pissing People Off And Making A Nuisance Of Myself Ever Since Being Crazy Is All That I Know It S Who I Am How I M Made And It S The Only Way I Can Make Any Sense Of Anything.For Me, Life Has Been Hard Something I Was Forced Into And Then Prevented From Leaving, Even When I Ached To Escape Life Was A Promise Of Something Beautiful Magical Even But That Only Led To Heart Breaking Misery And Devastating Disappointment When It Failed To Deliver And I Was Desperate To Run Away From It All To Bolt, To Flutter Away, And Never Look Back.Then, One Miserable, Crappy Monday When I Was Sixteen, My Life Morphed Into A Living, Scorching, Suffocating Hell And I Got Burned Badly I Did Something Unforgivable I Shattered Promises And Fractured Truths I Broke Another Family Into So Many Tiny Little Pieces That It Could Never Be Put Back Together Again But I Didn T Mean To.Life Ended Nightmares Began And I Knew I D Never Be The Same Again None Of Us Would.But Then Along Came Gabriel If My Life Was A Nightmare, He Was The Dream That I Never Wanted To Wake Up From He Was The Boy With The Ability To Calm Me In A Way That No Pill Ever Had The Boy I Wanted To Be Sane For, The Boy I Wanted To Live For, The Boy Who Filled The Cracks In My Heart He Taught Me That Life Is For Living And Loving, And That Sometimes It S Okay To Feel Like You Don T Fit The Mold.What He Didn T Tell Me Was That Life Is A Bitch, And She Has An Uncanny Way Of Coming Back To Bite You In The Ass.