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Dorothy Lyle In Avarice (The Millions and Miracles Saga, #1) Book 1 AVARICEAvarice Is A Work Of Contemporary Fiction Set Against The Backdrop Of The Global Economic Downturn It Spans The Period Between January And May Of 2011 In The Republic Of Ireland, All Of The Property Developers Have Either Gone Bust Or Fled The Country Credit Has Dried Up, Not Just For Potential Homeowners, But Also For Small Businesses There Used To Be A Large Furry Cat That Roamed The Land And Dispensed Largesse With A Shake Of His Feline Tail They Called Him The Celtic Tiger The Tiger Died Or He Went Away Nobody Knows For Certain The Only Certainty In 2011 Ireland Is Austerity, Misery, Disappointment, And A General Feeling Of Having Been Let Down And Betrayed By Those At The Top.Dorothy Lyle Is Feeling Just As Betrayed As Everybody Else She Is Earning A Decent Salary, Yet Can Barely Make It Stretch From One Month To The Next She Sees The World Is Falling Apart Around Her She Witnesses The Hardships Her Fellow Citizens Are Enduring On A Daily Basis And Desperately Wishes That She Could Help Them But How She Is Just One Woman With A Single Income What Can One Woman Do On The Day Dorothy Turns Forty She Is Still Single This Is A Source Of Minor Irritation To Her As It Was Not Part Of Her Life Plan By Now, She Should Be Well Into Her Second Marriage And Enjoying Wedded Bliss Not That She Misses The Nightmare Of A Human Being Who Is Her Ex Boyfriend On The Contrary, She Has Lost All Faith In Her Ability To Choose A Partner Wisely Rather Than Risk Another Disastrous Relationship, She Resolves To Forego Love Forever On The Evening Of Her Fortieth Birthday, Dorothy Finds Herself In A Very Dark Place With Virtually No Hope And Even Fewer Prospects For The Future.She Fully Expects To Live Out Her Remaining Years Alone, Although If She S Lucky She Might Have A Couple Of Grandchildren To Dote Upon One Day In The Meantime, She Resigns Herself To Putting Her Head Down And Working Nine To Five For The Next Thirty Years Just To Pay The Bills Fate Intercedes That Same Night When Dorothy Wins A Fortune On The Euromillions Lottery Of Course, Being Unexpectedly Catapulted Into An Alien World Of Wealth Is Not Without Its Complications, And Dorothy Soon Begins To Realise That Riches Bring With Them Their Own Brand Of Trouble Does Nobody Trust Her To Cope On Her Own Just Because She Has Money In The Bank Dorothy Never Feels Alone She Is Fully Cognisant Of The Shadowy Presence That Watches Over Her Since She Was Nineteen, Dorothy Has Known That She Is Out Of The Ordinary She Views The World Very Differently Than Most Folks She Sees Things That Nobody Else Sees, And Sometimes She Just Knows Stuff That She Shouldn T Until Now, She Has Never Felt Tempted To Share With Anybody The Full Extent Of Her Abilities Of Course, It S Easy Enough To Hide The Fact That You Are A Powerful Clairvoyant When You Re A Lone Parent Living A Humdrum Life Not So Easy When You Re One Of The Wealthiest Women In The Land, And Everybody Wants A Piece Of You Not So Easy When You Find Yourself Privy To A Number Of Visions And Dreams Of A Particularly Vivid Nature.Ella Carmichael Welcomes You On The First Step Of The Extraordinary Journey That Is The Miracles And Millions Saga.