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Full Circle - The Travis Fletcher Chronicles Book 4 Set 20 Years After When The Bow Breaks, Travis Is Now A Confident Warship Commander And Mercenary The Arrow Has A Full Complement Of Crew And Has Been Intervening In Interplanetary Wars And Disputes, Making The Crew Very Rich His Telepathic Abilities Now Rival Or Even Surpass Those Of Xnuk Ek , His Teacher And Lover It Is Now Time To Take The Arrow And Its Crew On Its Most Dangerous Mission Yet, And Deliver A Message From The Hunab Ku To The People Of Earth But Things Are Never That Simple What Will Earth Make Of Their First Interstellar Visitors How Can Travis Convince The Most Paranoid And Xenophobic Planet In The Galaxy To Listen To What He Has To Say He Is Still Haunted By His Breakdown And Birth Of His Alter Ego At Spesota, And This Is Made Worse When Xnuk Ek S Dreams Of Her Own Death Return The Conclusion Of The Travis Fletcher Chronicles Brings The Story Full Circle To The Beginning Of The Archer S Paradox 350 Pages

  • ebook
  • Full Circle - The Travis Fletcher Chronicles
  • Chris Devine
  • 03 April 2017
  • 9781326817169

About the Author: Chris Devine

Chris Devine is a project manager implementing high performance computing systems to universities and research establishments throughout the UK He has devoured science fiction novels for as long as he can remember from E C Eliott and Hugh Walters as a child, to Larry Niven, Robert Heinlein, A E van Vogt and Isaac Asimov as a teenager and Elizabeth Moon and so many others as an adult.He publish