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A Hero Rises (Earths First, #3) War Has Broken Out Following Humanity S First Contact With Alien Life Maura Riley And Her Friends Have Taken The Fight For The Earth S Survival To The Stars Aboard The Great, Star Faring Vessel Known As Mothership They Battle The Destructive Race Of Aliens Known As The Anisari The Anisari Are Determined To Destroy Humans And Erase All Evidence Of Their Existence From The Known Universe To That End They Have Released The Planet Devouring World Engine To Harvest Our Planet S Core The War To Save The Planet Will Be Fought On Two Fronts Maura And Her Friends Have Teleported Onboard The Great Star Ship In Hopes Of Stopping The Devastating Attack, While On Earth The Massively Powered Alien Who Initiated First Contact With Our Planet, Known Simply As The First, Seeks To Stop The Living World Engine Both Teams Are Running Out Of Time As Life As We Know It Is Slipping Away This Is The Thrilling Conclusion To The Earth S First Trilogy The Story Of First Contact With Alien Life, And The Incredible Changes It Creates In A Few Lucky Humans Those Humans Must Pit Their Bravery, Skills And The Incredible Accelerated Abilities They Develop, Against A Ruthless Horde Of Alien Destructors That Are Sweeping Across The Universe Can They Survive An Onslaught Of Alien Warriors As Well As Various Domestic Shadow Operations With Plans Of Their Own Will They Be Able To Destroy A Living Starship That The Anisari Have Enslaved Can The First And His Alien Comrade Talin, Stop The World Ending Behemoth That Strides Across The African Continent In Search Of The One Place Where It Can End All Life On Our Planet How Can Maura And A Handful Of Her Accelerated Friends Stop An Army Led By An Alien Powerful Than Any They Had Ever Faced Before Find Out In The Thrilling Conclusion To The Star Spanning Sage That Is Earth S First.