[PDF / Epub] ☃ Recipe for a Perfect Wife By Karma Brown – Horsebackridinggeorgia.us

Recipe for a Perfect Wife In This Captivating Dual Narrative Novel, A Modern Day Woman Finds Inspiration In Hidden Notes Left By Her Home S Previous Owner, A Quintessential S Housewife As She Discovers Remarkable Parallels Between This Woman S Life And Her Own, It Causes Her To Question The Foundation Of Her Own Relationship With Her Husband And What It Means To Be A Wife Fighting For Her Place In A Patriarchal Society When Alice Hale Leaves A Career In Publicity To Become A Writer And Follows Her Husband To The New York Suburbs, She Is Unaccustomed To Filling Her Days Alone In A Big, Empty House But When She Finds A Vintage Cookbook Buried In A Box In The Old Home S Basement, She Becomes Captivated By The Cookbook S Previous Owner S Housewife Nellie Murdoch As Alice Cooks Her Way Through The Past, She Realizes That Within The Cookbook S Pages Nellie Left Clues About Her Life Including A Mysterious Series Of Unsent Letters Penned To Her MotherSoon Alice Learns That While Baked Alaska And Meatloaf Five Ways May Seem Harmless, Nellie S Secrets May Have Been Anything But When Alice Uncovers A Sinister Even Dangerous Side To Nellie S Marriage, And Has Become Increasingly Dissatisfied With The Mounting Pressures In Her Own Relationship, She Begins To Take Control Of Her Life And Protect Herself With A Few Secrets Of Her Own