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Earth Rising II: The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul PDF Epub Earth Rising II The Betrayal Of Science, Society And The Soul Author Nick Begich Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk In Earth Rising II, Begich And Roderick Explore Several New Technology Areas As Well As Their Implications For Personal Privacy, Security And The State Of Democracy In The Beginning Of The 21st Century In The Early 1970s In The Weeks Before Watergate This Book Begins With The Mysterious Disappearance An Airplane Carrying The United States House Majority Leader Hale Boggs And Alaska Congressman Nick Begich Decades Later, Documents Surface That Implicate The Government Their Fight Against A Corrupt FBI, A Morally Bankrupt Executive Branch And Fight For An Open Government, Fully Accountable To The People, May Have Contributed To Their Demise That Decades Old Event Became The Springboard To The Exposure Of Technologies Contained In This Book S Pages The Book Includes New Underwater Sonars And The Possible Death Of The Seas Marine Mammal And Whale Beachings A Military Side Effect Energy In The Air And The Implications Of Cell Phone Technology Dataveillance, Security, Privacy And The End Of The Road Information Overload And The Impacts Of Technology Implantable Chips And The New Economy.Using Over 300 Referenced Sources, The Hallmark Of Begich And Roderick S Research Efforts, Concludes With A Discussion Of The Implications Of These Technologies And Alternative Directions That Are Possible The 21st Century Has Begun It Is This Generation That Will Determine The Direction Of Our Technology As Either Our Master Or Our Servant Earth Rising II Will Challenge Readers To Seek A Better Direction For The People Of The Planet Rather Than The Betrayal Of Our Science, Our Society And Our Individual Souls.